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I need a DIGICAM!!!!
Juz got back from my Teachers' Day Hi-Tea. It was fun, full of laughter, teachers in their most outrageous retro outfits...(will post the pics wen i get them frm my fren)...the thing is kan, i totally forgot to take pics of MYSELF!! bingit kan....!!! Kecoh punya kecoh....sume lupa..Bingitz!
Niwae, the hi-tea was ok...the food not too great tho...not much choice, the finger food macam yang beli instant tinggal goreng jer..hehe..the activities were ok lah, the songs were fine...appeals more to those born in early 70s...tapi yang lain ikot ajer...fun per...hehehe...
the most amusing thing is my P suggested a 'dancing session'...khekhekhehe!! was sooo shocked to see all the mak n bapak budak yang ligat terkinja-kinja on the dance floor. Soooo the farrnneeee.....kalau ada sense of rhythm takpe jugak..hehe...tapi ada yg memang best lah, can really groove....:D It was a good way to unwind and destress.
Well, didn't get too dat many gifts tapi tak apa lah..i teach not wif the intention to get gifts rite...*sigh* Played netball in the morning wif the students...was quite fun tho i had a bad fall during the game...performed for the concert...hmmm, made to do the twist in front of the students...hmm, all in all, it was quite an enjoyable day.
Ok then...time to rest after a tiring day....

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My WorkStation

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Mother Tongue Department laaa....heehee!!

Well, gotta admit..after spending months working together wif the cikgu2 and laozhi2 (if dat's spelt correctly) we got kinda close. I'm glad the pple in the dept are 'gerek kakis' cos if they are not i might end up having a really miserable time there.
It is hardwork cos we juz have soooo many programmes in a period of few mths. Racial Harmony Day lah...Harmony Camp lah...Enrichment Prog lah...etc etc. But it was quite fun too cos we did our jobs amidst joy n laughter..hiakz hiakz!! Next on the agenda is of course Teachers' Day Celebrations...!! Each dept gota come up wif a short perfirmance...hmmm, we'll see how it goes tomoro and i'll update k..!! We're having high-tea at holiday inn park view and i'm soooo looking forward to dat. Gona be in retro outfit (courtesy of effa...*smilez* siapa lagi yg pakai sluar bell bottoms n baju renda2...) and clogs...fun fun fun!!! Kalau ada pics, i will sure post them here....haizz, dat reminds me. I gota get a digicam soon....now dat i have a blog. Feewwwiiittt...semangat sey sista!!
(One thing to complain...my table is juz too small...skarang masih oklah jugak since im still new, but im sure in few more mths i'll need MUCH MORE space..but i like the colour concept..ok ok, thanx to my frenz.....:p

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Can't blame me for being a bit semangat...heehee! Well, since siti asked me abt the jambatan thot it wud be nice to add some pics frm our
birdpark trip.....*grinz*

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Finally....my sayang, my dear, my BB, my irritant, my kerekboy, my etc etc etc... Posted by Hello

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the galz who have been wif me thru thick n thin...lurve them! Posted by Hello

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a BIGGER family wic includes dear cousins, Nenek, lovely aunts n wunderful uncles... Posted by Hello

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My Beloved Family...can't do without them...Mak, Ayah, Syukri, Abang, Kak Ida... Posted by Hello

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Hie hie...
Wat a hectic, stressful, irritating, depressing week...had a bad bad week and am so glad its over. The kids juz get too out of hand at times...(except for the 2NT kids who get outta hand ALL THE TIME) had tons of marking to do cos kena key in marks by friday...had some competition for kids on friday....hosting a workshop for cluster teachers on sat...*PHEW!*
Had a great time wif him juz now tho....walaupun penat...walaupun mengantuk...akan ku tempuhi juga asalkan dapat jumpa dier.....weewiiittt....tho i had to follow him to the ComEx at Suntec where i tink haf of IT-driven Singaporeans were there....jadi sardin kejap....

OK, im sure it will be more interesting wif some visuals here....rite??!! hmm...gambar apa eh nak taruk...hmm....gez i shall start wif the things or peepz closest to my heart.....*smilez*

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At long last, here I am entering this full-of-hype blogging world...Well, dalam 'kestressan' yang amat sangat, i managed to take some time, sit in front of the laptop and exxpplloooorreeee... heehee...my neck is so tense and my back is killing me...almost...
Well, guess I'll have my share o f stories and pictures to share wif y'all....so WELCOME ME PEEPZ!! :D

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This is ME......*heehee* Posted by Hello

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