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i guess ultimately we do not determine wat happens in the future. the faith n belief that we may have built for so long do not guarantee anytin. dreams about the future can always remain until hard cold reality slaps u hard across ur face.

u may be surprised, u tink u noe so much. but in fact, u may not even know wat u are feeling. that warm lingering feeling in you that will never fail to spur u to go through lengths may not even be there in the first place. so wat is there left to hang on to?

there has got to be a reason y He makes us go through what we do. for me, it is probably to make me realise that i am capable of loving so much, amidst of numerous setbacks and putting aside many other good things. i was not made to realise something that i coud have realised long time ago and do something about it.

and at this point in time, i am totally clueless of whats going to happen.

Said TiNi at 12:00 PM

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